I’m just a Tranny (-.^) also known has Sandra Jayde (^.^)

I’m a 39 year old female transgender and credible, MTF oriented and passive only, actually I do not meet I’m just a fetish model a lot like the Pin-ups.

My orientation is towards gloss, tights and stockings nylons I love it and the primordial accessory of any self-respecting fetishist, the stiletto heels I am addicted!

And to complete the whole, I like the sexy and provocative outfits, I like to dress like a whore, nothing but the word whore pleases me and as a result, latex, leather, wetlook and satin are Materials that I like. In short everything that is molding I adore.

I add new content according to motivation, I do nothing without motivation by the gifts, and it happens like this:

  • In the Gallery section I add videos and photos according to the importance of the donation (s), more I receive and more I add content, for example someone who donates 20 € allows me to add one video and some photos, for 50 € I add 2 videos and ~20 photos etc.
  • For the Member section which contains more intimate and explicit photos and videos, I offer the unique password for the 99 € donor and I send the password on his mailbox. As soon as an important donation falls, I add not only new content in the Member section, but also in the Gallery section.

I do not ask you anything, I do not force you to anything… but here is how it works here, it takes me a lot of time and I take this time on my leisure, so it takes motivation to want to do it, more I recall that the donations allow me to buy my new accessories; Make-up, tights, sexy outfits, high heels, photo materials etc.

Thank you all for your support!

My Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/c/SannyLegshow77
My Twitter : https://twitter.com/SannyLegshow

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